Thanksgiving in Berlin
It's almost like home!
The Concert Artists

The music offered at the "Voices of Gratitude" Thanksgiving Benefit concert is performed by artists who have stood and still perform on some of the most renowned stages in the world, alongside some local talents with "day jobs" and a love of music.

Like the entire evening, the concert represents not only what the American Church in Berlin has to offer, but what the Berlin community has to offer and shares generously during this festival in which everyone brings his or her best gifts to share at the Thanksgiving table.

Meet a few of the artists who will perform on November 24, 2012!* (*We reserve the right to make changes to the program. Click on the links below to hear a sound sample of the artist.)

Amanda Halgrimson Walzer - sopranist

ACB Contemporary Choir 

Bernie Schmeisser

Yuki Ip Po Ching - sopranist

Also performing:


The ACB Chamber Choir, Director Travis Shaw

The ACB Gospel Choir

Women in Black (Barbershop Choir) 

  and others


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